Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mother Letter

Dear Mother,

I will write this to you, as if to my own,
things that need to be heard, listed, made known.
To you I was given, a small tender babe,
your first to be born, maybe not your first made.
You've chosen others and gone your own way,
but hear these words I have for you, today.

I love you, Mom.

Though you aren't perfect, far from it, yet still,
God in His wisdom, my Mother, His will.
Choices made, mistakes, crimes in our past.
Childish, selfish, bullish and brash.
No, you aren't perfect, but none could more be.
You are my mother, given to me.

I want only to know that you love me, that you loved me first.
That listening and talking and laughing might burst
this fear I have of not being, for you,
all that you would wish for me to.

I am but a child, so little and still,
a mother myself just learning God's will.
Learning and leaning on Jesus, you see.
He died for you, just as He died for me.
So, mother, as you reflect on time wasted, time spent,
think only on things that through it, together we went.

I want to walk with you, talk with you,
to be adored, by you.
Teach me, mold me, make me your own,
claim me and hold me and love me, time sown.
You are my mother, given to me.
Mistakes you will make and together we'll see,
God's grace and good providence for you and for me.
I forgive you, I love you. Please listen to me.
The one thing you have is this time here with me.

Where you may falter and certainly, will fail,
your weaknesses, His strengths, will only reveal.
He made you that I may see Him more clearly still
So need not to be perfect, only follow His will.
He chose you, He made you, this time just for we.
For we to learn from each other, you see.

I need you, adore you, please help me to be
all that my Maker would want me to be.
And though you may flounder and fiddle about,
lay aside each distraction and filter it out.
Look onward, look upward, hold me closer still.
For it is with Jesus' wisdom your heart He will fill.

Though it may seem too late for you or for me,
"Nay" say the Lord, He's still building you see.
Lessons we've learned, more yet to pass.
Please listen my mother, listen, hold fast.

You are my heart that guides me this way,
who teaches and nurtures and holds me today.
None other can quell this need in my heart.
You are my mother, none other, my start.
And though you may not yet know right the way,
please seek Him and search Him and don't go astray.
Little failings refine us, measure each day.
But none other could know me or love me this way.

For you and for me,
we are bound, don't you see.
Embrace me and love me, please don't turn away
or seek pleasure or leisure in others today.
I am here, needing and wanting you to,
and though you may never know just what to do,
keep trying, keep praying, this life just for us,
was wisely chosen long ago, by our good Lord, Jesus.

He made you just for me and me just for you.
He knows the way, He will show you what to do.
So don't fight it or fret it, just come away with me.
Let's frolic and learn and play, can't you see.
That life is for living and that's what we'll do
please share with me your heart, like Jesus does, too.

I love you, Mother. No matter what.

Carmen Sunshine