Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Surrender

Trials of all manners coming my way,
From those I looked up to, whom I love.
Struggling for understanding,
Crying out to the Lord, today.

He hears my cry and knows my heart,
And answers in this way, every part:

Psalm 119

He knows my struggles, my mind, my fault,
and through them all,
His compassions never fail.

His love is ever lasting.
His faithfulness reaches to the heavens.

Help me to walk in your ways, O Lord.
To lay aside my self in every way
And instead cling to You with all of me.

May I be found full,
of You.

You are my gentle comforter,
My overcoming strength, my sure shield,
My everlasting reward.

Help me to stand for Your truth,
Help me to submit to Your truth.
Your Word is truth
and it sustains me.

Thank You, Lord that I can pray Your Word
Out loud, and with all sincerity,
And it heals my heart and leads me in The Way.

Psalm 119

I no longer look to man,
but to You.
Where I am wrong, Lord.
Correct me.
Where I am right, Lord.
Help me to walk in love and humility,
because only You are right and true.

Jesus is my salvation.
The lover of my soul,
And He is saving me.

Let all else fall away, Lord.
Because all else fails.

In Jesus' Love,

Carmen Sunshine