Thursday, June 26, 2008

Go Where I Go

Jacob has been sick for the past few days. Being only 20 months, I afforded him the luxury of having Mommy carry him around and hold him while he felt poorly.

Meanwhile, my husband has the opportunity to find employment in England and in NY state. One sounds cool, the other, just cold.

These two circumstances converged on a sweet little lesson from the Lord two days ago.

I was carrying Jacob around, thinking about moving, and not wanting to move, and wondering what it would be like, and whether or not we'd have to sell our house, or even our car. Wondering if I wanted to, or if we were called to. In my distraction, I took to going where Jacob pointed, retrieve a car from here, go and get his juice there. A few minutes later, when I realized what time it was and what I needed to accomplish, I changed course and needless to say, took Jacob with me.

Well, he balked. He pointed in another direction, urging me to follow his desires. I realized I had been following his directions in an effort to be close to him, but now that things had to be done, I was required to be in command of where and when we went.

So, I boldly proclaimed to him, "Jacob, if you want me to carry you, you have to go where I go."

Ah... Yes, Lord. I heard it, too. And from my own lips!

If I want the Lord to carry me, I have to trust that He has bigger and better and far more important things that are in the works for me, than just what I want right now. He's preparing things for me, good things. I need to cling and trust. In fact, I wish Jacob would be a little more content with my presence and devotion in wanting him near me. Gratitude, that is something else I am sorely lacking.

So, Lord, I want to give You a heartfelt, "Thank You" and yes, please carry me where You want me to go.

I want to be where You are, always.

Deu 5:33 Stay on the path that the LORD your God has commanded you to follow. Then you will live long and prosperous lives in the land you are about to enter and occupy.

Thank You Lord for carrying me and wanting to be near me. I am forever grateful. Teach me to walk in paths of righteousness for Your Name's sake.