Sunday, October 24, 2010

Is That Real, Momma?

Psalm 111:9-10
He provided redemption for His people;
He ordained His covenant forever—
holy and awesome is His name.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom;
all who follow His precepts have good understanding.
To Him belongs eternal praise.

It really is all black and white.

Our God, and His world, is of absolutes.  Always.  Never.  Beginning and End.

As we walked through the theme park, every ride, every aspect invoked questions of reality.

"Is that real, Momma?"

I heard it over and over again, until I was worried they weren't enjoying themselves.  So I started to divert the questions.

But then I realized, they are discerning.  The very thing I want them to hold on to, to learn, to develop.  Discernment.

Is that Real?  'Cause I need to know.  That question applies to all things in my life, just as it applied to my children walking through the wonderful make-believe world of Disney.  No, that's not really real.  Yes, that IS real.  You will fall out of the ride if you don't hold on.  No, those flying elephants, crocodiles, evil spirits, skeletons, (add noun here), aren't real.

As we laughed at my children's need to know, and how they see everything in black and white, I began to ask myself.  Where's our moral compass?  How do we know which way is true North?  Are we even paying attention and making sure of it?  How often are we distracted with whether or not we are enjoying ourselves  so that we are not evaluating the situation for all it really is??  There is a better response.  I need to know.  "Is that real?"

What really matters?  How do I respond?  How do I discern the meaningful and leave the rest?  Where's the line between reality and non?  There is no gray.  Stop trying to interpret and explain.  Is it real, or isn't it?  Because, if it's real, then maybe I need to be scared out of my mind, and if it's not, then I needn't worry at all or give it a second thought.  Tell me.  Secure my heart and my steps.

I need to know.  And so, instead of chuckling at my children for being so dogged with their hard and fast rule of 'is it real', I adopt it myself.

Look at the world around you, in the situations you find yourself in throughout your day to day, and ask, "Is that real?"  What really matters where I am right now?  Eliminate the distractions.  I can not think of a more applicable question nor a more needful answer.

And my kids got it right.  They teach me every time.  My Father is the one who knows.  He is the maker of this place, and He leads me through it.  So, I run to Him.

Psalm 119:124-126
Deal with Your servant according to Your love
and teach me Your decrees.

I am Your servant; give me discernment
that I may understand Your statutes.

It is time for you to act, O LORD;
Your law is being broken.

Lord, lead us aright, according to Your Word.  May we walk in wisdom and confidence.

Glad to be home,

Carmen Sunshine