Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Miracles

All things counted today are counted as blessings, Christmas Miracles:

167. 7:30 AM Wake-up call
168. "Look, Mommy, Look!"
169. Panettone French Toast
170. Dad in the kitchen
171. Smells of coffee and bacon
172. Dad truly excited about his gift
173. Our first Christmas in our own home
174. The floor littered with color and wood
175. Communal prayers
176. God dwells in our homes today all the world round
177. What started in a stable is at home in my heart today
178. Christmas naps
179. Christmas afternoon car rides
180. Cloudy lofty sunsets
181. Spontaneity
182. Fallafel
183. Turkish tea glasses filled with red wine
184. Advent candles all aglow
185. "Mommy, I love olives!"
186. Jacobs vivacious voice
187. Surgeon Samantha
188. Hurricane Dylan
189. Baby laughs and giggles
190. Empty trees
191. Thankful hearts
192. Winks
193. Dimmed lights
194. Unexpected gifts
195. The best wooden doll house ever
196. Frequent "Thank you's"
197. Childlike gusto and enjoyment surrounding our table
198. Old friends
199. Long haired, bearded, sentimental old men
200. The miracles of Christmas afresh

All is gift, given from your hand.

Carmen Sunshine