Monday, December 21, 2009

Counting My Treasures

I have joined the Gratitude Community: 1000 Endless Gifts over at Ann Voskamp's "Holy Experience" website:

My 1000 Endless Gifts:
Psa 126:3
The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.

After reading over on Ann's site that counting your blessings makes one more grateful and joyful, I endeavored to keep track of all that I have been given mentally. But, as my brain is like a sieve these days, I've decided that letting them go unwritten is pretty much like having a hole in my pocket. ;-)

Another friendly 'jog' today on Ann's website has encouraged me afresh. No longer will I allow my blessings, my evidences of the whisperings of a great and gracious God, to go unrecorded and uncounted. These are my treasures, my witness that the Lord has done great things for me, and in acknowledging Him and His gifts, I am filled with joy! Why would I want to let that go to waste?? I start collecting Him, and the evidences of my Treasure, Today. What are you doing with yours??

What do I want for Christmas? To know all that I really have.

I have a feeling this will be a meager beginning and I have not fully thought out how to continue this list, but I will delay no longer. My treasures are to be counted, sorted, adored and multiplied. The Giver is to be glorified with this life.

Lord, I give you THANKS and PRAISE as I sift through these few, 'just on the top of the pile and most evidently seen', and for as many more as I can list. Thank you for each of these precious "I love you's" that You have spoken into my life. May this account be as unending as your giving.
Lord, Thank You for:

1. Jason Ryan Hendrix
2. A husband who daily teaches me what LOVE really is
3. My salvation
4. The love of Christ and the body of believers with whom I now share His love
5. Sisters in Christ who are so much more than friends
6. The inspiration to Homeschool my children
7. The Lord 'closing doors', being saved from bad choices
8. New beginnings
9. Encouragement to press-on, from friends, online, and even from dreams
10. Dylan Ryan Hendrix who daily teaches me what LOVE really is
11. Joshua Duncan singing in his crib
12. Samantha's smiles
13. Jacob's persistence and constant smile
14. Pajamas
15. The world's most comfortable bed
16. A man who wakes up, every day, with a SMILE
17. Friends who teach you how to make your own soup and fresh bread
18. Sisters who love you
19. In-laws who love you
20. Imperfect parents (why else would we ever need God?)
21. Resilient children (how else would we ever survive?)
22. More than ample monetary provision and a heart to give
23. Kickball
24. Flashlight tag
25. Chimineas
26. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of motherhood
27. Flip-flops in December
28. Learning to learn from my mistakes
29. God's Word
30. 'The Shop'
31. Little voices
32. Little hands
33. Smiling eyes
34. My Very Hardworking Husband
35. The lessons of a small house
36. Laptop computers
37. My total and complete inability
38. Christmas/Advent Devotionals with authors spanning generations
39. A Father who wants to share Christmas
40. Candlelight Christmas Eve Services
41. Christmas lights
42. Babies
43. Really warm socks
44. Bible verses hidden in hearts through song
45. Forgiveness
46. Great Grace
47. Every day is a new start
48. Devoted Bible Students/Teachers
49. Free teachings online
50. Hot tea and raw honey
51. Everyday is Christmas when you know Jesus
52. Babies who stop nursing just to smile at you
53. Long desired tea cup won as a gift at a baby shower
54. Very sore throats that make you sit and see the Christmas lights on your tree
55. Motor boats, sail boats, uninhabited islands and coastal waters
56. Hardwood table and six chairs, hand-finished, all from my father
57. Handfinished diningroom chairs that remind me of my husband's love
58. Big Brown Eyes
59. Dogs on the beach
60. Affections shared with my husband
61. Christmas cards from Australia
62. Glitter on my chilren's faces
63. Nap time
64. "Hey, how are you?" phone calls
65. Christmastime dinner with Christian fellowship
66. Mistletoe
67. Copper fans
68. Blackberry Jam
69. Hot and Spicy Noodle Soup
70. Really beautiful dinnerware
71. 10th year engagement gifts and fully loaded fingers
72. Little Lisps
73. Little Lips
74. Eyebrows drawn on Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus
75. 100% fully capable crawling 7 month olds
76. Little girl giggles
77. Nursing tanktops
78. Christmas card collages
79. Animated story telling of 4 year old little girls
80. Direction, Discernment and Provision
81. Direction, Discernment and Provision in Christmas gifts
82. Our first Christmas at home as a family
83. Piles of Laundry
84. Dylan loading and unloading the dishwasher
85. Children
86. Sam covetously cleaning the toilets and taking out the trash
87. One really amazing van and a completely paid for sedan
88. Rainbows over realestate
89. The fellowship of believers
90. The prayers of a righteous woman uttered on my behalf
91. Beachside Hospitality
92. Those who go-before
93. Baby blankets and shoes galore
94. Children who don't yet know to go hunting for their Christmas presents
95. Really healthy and really happy babies
96. A pediatrician I can consider calling for myself
97. Pop-up Christmas cards
98. Home-printed Christmas cards
99. Friends who still keep in touch
100. PJ's at 3:30 PM on Monday

Lovingly and wishing I had more time to go on and on...

Carmen Sunshine