Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reaching for The Light

Here is a poem that my father wrote. It reminded me of my own searching for truth, which began with acknowledging the beauty of God's creation. I thought it was worthy of sharing - and remembering. Today I am a student of my dad. Enjoy! :-)

reaching for the light

what i feel is right

the best way to be

is to follow the trees

some lay in the shadows

the way the wind blows

looking for love

drawn from above

wonder what it's like

to be in the light

i pay them no mind

just twist and twine

up from my roots

like a good pair of boots

helping me toward

that lofty view

seen only by few

lets me look inside

where the light also shines

that's where i start

from my own heart

I love you, Dad.
With all my heart,