Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who's Got the Remote?

Today's lessons come from Sam and a couple of repeated lessons learned with the VCR.

The other day, Sam was sitting in front of the VCR waiting for me to get a tape rolling. While she was waiting she was looking at all the buttons on the surrounding digital devices. As I pressed the play button on the remote to start the tape, she simultaneously pressed on a magnet attached to the case of the video cabinet, one that helps hold the doors closed. When the tape started rolling, and she had pressed on the magnet, she turned around to me and exclaimed, "Mommy, I DID IT! Look, I pressed this button right here. Wow! I did it." She was so amazed and in wonder of her self. I couldn't help but laugh. It's so true. True of all of us. How amazed we are at the little things we think we can do, or did. When all along it's the Lord holding the remote. How blessed we are that He even includes us in the activities of things, that we are even invited to share the wonder of seeing things work. And how quick we are to forget to recognize that the One who is really making all things work, is Jesus. Standing behind us while we are crouched down on the floor, He is smiling at our little hearts and our little minds. Thank You Father, that you have let us see who is really holding the remote, and that You work things together for our admonishment and edification. Help us to remember who's got the remote! :-)

Then, today, with that lesson from a few days past, this lesson was added.

Sam was standing in front of the doors of the video cabinet while I was rewinding a video. As the video was rewinding, it seemed like nothing was happening. I wasn't pressing any buttons, or taking any visual action. But I was working on rewinding the tape. I was waiting for it to finish so that I could start the tape. Sam, on the other hand, deciding that nothing was happening and that there wasn't anything going on, began to close the cabinet doors. "Sam", I gently said, "Don't close the cabinet doors, because then Mommy can't use the remote to start the tape when it's ready." How quick we are to think that because we can't see anything, that nothing in happening! :-) Oh Lord, help us to remember that even when it seems like nothing is going on, to faithfully keep the doors of faith and prayer open so that when You are ready, our hearts and lives are open for You to work. Help us to remember who is holding the remote and to wait on You! And also, Lord, when You tell us it's time to close the doors, then help us to know that You have better things for us. Help us to follow hard after You and all of Your goodness and grace and not get caught up in what we think we understand.

Pro 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

Lord, we lift our eyes and hearts to heaven and declare Your Righteousness and Goodness.